Frequently Ask Question

Braids Specific:

Q:Do I have to come with my hair washed?

A: No. A thorough scalp and hair analysis, Shampoo, Conditioner, is included.

Q: How long does the braids last?

A: While every situation differs based on technique, lifestyle and personal needs braids are considered protective styles and can give in most case longevity. 

Q: Does your braids hurt?

A: While everyone have a different level of sensitivity that question is subjective to the type of braids done. I've been trained and am experienced in braiding in such a way that goes with your natural growth pattern and when extended to not use more hair on any one section than needed to achieve any style. Extended individual braids will cause the most tensions as the braiding hair is attached at the base of the scalp thus creating more firmness than most other techniques. 

Q: Do I have to bring my own hair?

A: No, as an added convenience all extensions rather human hair or braiding hair is included with in the service prices. 

Q: what is the difference between Knotless and Individual Box Braids?

A: Box Braids are created with free parting that creates fullness and volume and often times last a bit longer. Box braids begins with the extended hair at the base of the scalp often times creating a bit more tension in the scalp for a couple days. Wear time is 10 12 weeks depending growth and home up keep. Knotless braids are created with your natural hair as the braiding hair will be fed in the duration until the desired length is reached. Knotless braids also creates a more sleek, natural and flexible styles preventing less tension and usually can be worn in a bun same day. Wear time is 6-8 weeks depending growth and home upkeep.

Extensions Specific:

Q: Will extensions damage my hair?

  A: As long as the extensions are applied properly by a trained licensed professional, you should not experience any damage. However, there is a method / technique for everyone based on Lifestyle and at home maintenance, consultation prior to booking will help decided the best method of install for you.

Q: Can I exercise with extensions?

  A: Yes, however depending on the method you may need to wait 24-48 hours after application to wet the hair or excessively sweat and also speak to your professional to determine the best practice for your circumstances.

Q: Where does the hair come from?

  A: Typically, hair types come from Russia, India, and China. I do my best to source the purest form of extensions for your luxury installs.

Q: Will anyone be able to tell? 

  A: No, as long as the hair is high quality and the stylist applies the extensions properly, no one will be able to tell. During Consult, you want to be sure to explain to your stylist the ways you plan to wear your hair as to all things may be considered based on your personal needs. 

Q: What is the best method for me?

  A: Choosing the right hair extension method depends on your lifestyle, hair type, and budget.

Q: What can I expect to pay?

  A: The cost of hair extensions varies depending on the method, type of hair, length and density you prefer. Check out the hair extension methods which gives you an idea of how much to budget for each method.

Q: How long does the hair last?

  A: Depending on the method, the hair and your home upkeep most hair used for your luxury install can last 12 to 48 months with proper care Maintenace while being installed multiple times.

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